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Virtues of canned fish.

Fish, because of its content of proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals, is an essential element in a healthy and balanced diet. Canned fish has a high nutritional value because it contains proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, due to the process of sterilization which allows it to maintain its perfect conditions until it is consumed, not needing preservatives.

Essentially, there exist 2 types of packaging: canned and semi canned.

In the CANNED products he fish or seafood is vacuum-packed, hermetically sealed and heated sufficiently to destroy all microorganisms. This process, called sterilization, is what allows us to keep the products at room temperature without suffering alterations.

The SEMI CANNED products are made through a different type of process, like, for example, salting, and they are preserved in water proof containers. Since they do not undergo the sterilization process they need to be kept in refrigerated temperatures.

Canned fish and seafood offer a wide variety of flavors because of the amount of sea products there are. Its gastronomic value is very high because it is ideal to share with friends, they are fast and easy to prepare and you can enjoy them instantly or in more elaborate dishes.

Canned fish Marbella, Naturally Healthy.